We ensure:

  • 24-hour follow-up of our elder patients.
    Our staff is always on site to provide emergency medical assistance and call emergency if requied.
  • Controlling drug intake.
    Our nurses (caregivers) monitor compliance with the diet and take medicines prescribed by the doctor with follow-up.
  • Special conditions.
    Special conditions and care for elder patients with a loss of mobility or affected by aging-associated diseases (dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson). Nurses help residents to move and eat.
  • Complete hygienic and cosmetic care.
    • bathrooms,
    • hairdresser,
    • nail care,
    • changing and daily ironing of linen and underware,
    • all modern practice for patients with loss of mobility care.
  • Healthy food recommended by the doctor.
  • The leisure and psychological rehabilitation.
    • outside walks,
    • television in the rooms,
    • large TV with HD channels in the fireplace room,
    • library,
    • board games,
    • magazines,
    • painting,
    • modeling,
    • music,
    • singing, etc.

    Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the residence. You can contact your loved old person at any time by Skype on our tablet.
  • Constantly in contact!
    You can easily contact a manager to inform you about your loved one elder's health.

We are well aware that moving is difficult, especially for seniors. Given this fact, we care about the moral condition of our patients. An enriched program of geronto-psychic assistance helps to highlight present-day life to stifle memories of the past: reading, discussions about TV shows, painting, gymnastics, preparing parties and birthdays.